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Childrens Motivation

Childrens Stickers Motivators - Box of 75 Stickers Assorted

Cleaning and Disinfection

Aspirator Cleaning Brushes
Autoclave Cleaner and Tablets
Auto-Rinse Aspirator Cleaner and Disinfectant daily and weekly
Bossklein Alcohol Free Wipes and Spray Disinfectant
Bossklein Alcohol Surface Disinfectant Wipes and Spray
Bossklein Impression Disinfectant Spray
Bossklein Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser
D61 Hand Disinfectant Gel
D78 Hand Disinfectant Rub
DIS-BR Rotary Instrument Disinfectant Solution
Disinfection Tanks
Dry Wipes Lint Free
Effervescent Chlorine Tablets
Foamer-San Disinfectant Foamer Cleaner
Hand Scrub
Hand Soap and Wall Dispenser
Impression Cleaner and Disinfectant (ready to use)
Infra Red Hand Disinfectant Dispenser
InstraFoam - Instrument Suspension Foam
Instrument Disinfectant Solution
No Touch Hand Disinfectant Dispenser
Pure pH Neutral Detergent Wipes and Spray
Sodium Hypochlorite
Surface Disinfectant Spray
Surface Disinfectant Wipes - All sizes
Ultra-Bio Ultrasonic solution
Washer disinfectant concentrate- Triple 'Enzo'
Water Line Decontamination- Ultrazyme-T

Consumables and Disposables

Apron Dispenser
Aspirator Tubes and Saliva Ejectors
Barrier Products
Bib Holders
Cotton Products
Dappen Pots and Dishes
DIRECTA ProphyCare
Disposable 3 in 1 Syringe Tips
Disposable Bib Holder
Disposable Nurses Aprons
Distilled Water
Face Masks
Handpiece maintenance
Headrest Covers
Icon Interdental Brushes
Maxflex Polishing Disc
Nitrile Gloves
Orsing Hygoformic Saliva Ejectors
Patient Bibs
Polishing Brushes
Polythene Bags for Impressions
Powder Free Latex Gloves
Protective Eyewear & Faceshields
Sterilisation Pouches and Tests
Tray Lining Paper
Vinyl Examination Gloves (AQL 1.5)

Endodontics, Pins and Posts

EDTA Endo Gel Bossklein
Endodontic Accessories
Gates Gliddon and Peeso Drills
Root Canal Sealer

Hand Instruments and Forceps

Hand Instruments
Instrument Trays Standard and Mini Size, Perforated

Impression Material

5:1 Automix
AccuFilm Occlusal Marking Film
Addition Cured
Bossklein Bite Registration
Cinch Impression
Disposable Impression trays
In-Sept Plus Impression Powder
Shape Premium Hydrophilicity

Needles & Sutures


Paper Products and Mouthwash

Disposable Cups
Economy Paper Range
Mouth Wash
Paper Products

Restorative Accessories

Absolute Dentin composite material
DIRECTA FenderMate & FenderWedge
Mixing pads
Parkell Restorative Material

Restoratives, Cements and Glass Ionomer

Admix Alloy Capsules and Amalgamators
Amalgam Carriers
Amalgam Well
Bonding Agents
Calcium Hydroxide Paste
DIRECTA Calasept Endoline
Eching Gels
Glass Ionomer Cement 'Ion-C'
Light Curing Nano Hybrid Composite
Maxi Giant Etching Gel Kit
Micro-Filled LC Composite Capsules
Micro-Fine Composite
Micro-Flow Flowable Composite
Retainers, interdental wedges and bands
Semi Permanent and Temporary Cement
Silver Reinforced Glass Ionomer 'ION-S'
Temporary Filling Material
TGI 2 LC Light Cured Glass Ionomer
TGI Glass Ionomer
Universal Adhesive kit
Unolux Seal F Fissure Sealant

Restoratives, Teeth Whitening

Rotary instruments & Handpieces

Arkansas White Stone Set
Bur Holders FG and RA Bur Bath
Carbide Burs
Diamond Burs
DIRECTA Luxator Instruments
Hedgehog burs
Rotary Instruments Denture Adjustment
Round Steel RA Slow Speed Burs

Small Equipment

Dental Chairs and Stools
DentMate LED Cordless Curing Light
General small equipment
Pulp Vitality Tester
Ultrasonic Scaler Inserts
Ultrasonic Scaler Units

Temporary Crown and Bridge and Crown Forms

Temporary Crown and Bridge Material



Adult Size Periapical Film
Childrens Intra Oral Film
Phosphor Plate Envelopes
X-Ray Chemicals and Accessories
Needles & Sutures
Consumables and Disposables
Paper Products and Mouthwash
Hand Instruments and Forceps
Endodontics, Pins and Posts
Restoratives, Cements and Glass Ionomer
Restorative Accessories
Impression Material
Cleaning and Disinfection
Rotary instruments & Handpieces
Childrens Motivation
Small Equipment
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