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    Paper Products
CCP019   Luxi Professional Tissues 2 Ply Soft White 35.79
CCP016   Mediwipe Dry Wipe Tissues 2 Ply Soft White 19.94
CCP009   Mini Centre Feed Rolls White Single Ply 23.52
CCP010   Standard Centre Feed Rolls 2 Ply Pure White 23.52
CCP005   Roll Towel 10" 24.99
CCP011   Roll Towel 20" 24.99
CCA002   C-Fold Hand Towels 1 Ply White 23.99
JUM0001   Jumbo Toilet Rolls 2 Ply Soft White 20.49
CCP001   Standard Toilet Tissue Rolls 2 Ply Soft white 14.31
CCA003   C-Fold Hand Towels 2 Ply White 30.52
FI5804   Inter-Fold Hand Towels 2 Ply Pure Soft White 21.47
CCK012   Stak-A-Pak Tissues 2 Ply White 25.56
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