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    Sterilisation Pouches and Tests
BKHEL0001   BK PCD Helix Test Refills 250 strips 30.14
BKHEL0002   BK Helix Test Kits + 100 Indicator Strips 62.42
BKSTE0002   Steam Emulating Strips x 250 Strips 19.91
TOP0009   Bossklein Sterilisation Pouches Size 57x100mm Box of 200 4.48
BOS90230   Bossklein Sterilisation Pouches Size 90x230mm Box of 200 5.46
BOS190330   Bossklein Sterilisation Pouches Size 190x330mm Box of 200 15.50
BOS255380   Bossklein Sterilisation Pouches Size 255x380mm Box of 200 26.37
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