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Restoratives, Cements and Glass Ionomer
Please select a range from the sections below
Directa Calasept Endoline
Unolux Seal F Fissure Sealant
Semi Permanent and Temporary Cement
Dryz Blu retraction pastes
Universal Adhesive kit
Admix Alloy Capsules
Amalgam Carriers
TGI Glass Ionomer
TGI 2 LC Light Cured Glass Ionomer
Silver Reinforced Glass Ionomer 'ION-S'
Glass Ionomer Cement 'Ion-C'
Calcium Hydroxide Paste
Micro-Fine Composite
Micro-Flow Flowable Composite
Micro-Filled LC Composite Capsules
Retainers, interdental wedges and bands
Temporary Filling Material
Bonding Agents
Etching Gel Kits
Needles & Sutures
Consumables and Disposables
Paper Products and Mouthwash
Hand Instruments and Forceps
Endodontics, Pins and Posts
Restoratives, Cements and Glass Ionomer
Restorative Accessories
Impression Material
Cleaning and Disinfection
Rotary instruments & Handpieces
Childrens Motivation
Small Equipment
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